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    If you have a long stay in one industry or function, or have a load of contacts, or are a HR recruiter, you will find this partnership beneficial. Which of these roles describes you best? How can we partner?

    Sales person


    You likely have a client facing role in the industry. Are social, tactical and customer serving. And will use this value to start the next career running on your network than your technical skills.


    business building

    You have tried a hand at recruiting serving a tiny client base, and can see a long career doing the same but with a much bigger client base.


    industry experience is your edge

    You had a long stay in one industry, been through a host of roles and know the functions, like you know to tell time. You derive joy from being technical. You can tell what characteristics, skills and knowledge will be useful to which function within your industry.


    HR is your game

    You had a HR career, and especially in Recruitment. You are versed with the labor laws of the land, and HR practices. And can see yourself building upon that skill, into a longer term career.


    Goodwill is your name

    You just want to help a friend in need--be it he who is looking for a job, or she who is searching for a good resource for her team.


    Passive is your role

    You are open to a good business which has weathered against trendy technology bursts, and economic downturns. One which has rode the ups and downs, survived and thrived, to offer a good investment and passive income.

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